Or Lets go for a walk? ? Quite

Or Lets go for a walk? ? Quite or Lets go for a walk?


Quite so, never answers: Yes No, answers: Yes, Well or says chtoto the similar Surely it is impossible to tell Speaks too little to give a certain answer Till years.

When the child appeals, whether he uses the same phrase which was used by you for example, the child wants milk and speaks: Whether You want milk?

or You want milk?

Yes, quite so you use instead of I No, asks by the own words Surely it is impossible to tell Speaks too little to give a certain answer Till years.

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After all before

After all before again I hear.

After all it is necessary to fight against shortcomings of children!

Vicious circle.

It is necessary to fight, of course, but to win against them it is possible only love.

After all before us not the enemy, but own child.

As far as is to the child more difficultly, than to the adult!

It is estimated constantly.

He receives marks for each step not only at school, but also at home.

What he made well, the good boy.

Or it is bad, the bad boy.

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Twenty three

Twenty three Twenty three eyelids share these two great ideas!

Whether it is surprising, what the idea of respect for the child is still so poorly realized?

But especially we have to bring up in the truth and the truth, in full respect for the child and for ourselves.

When we treat the child deceitfully, that is without respecting his advantage, he resists us.

When we treat deceitfully, that is without respect, to ourselves, the child ceases to respect us, and education practically stops.

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Mother of one of schoolgirls

Mother of one of schoolgirls It is wrong to force the child to eat up everything that got to him on a plate.

To be the good parent means to be able to rise to the place of the child, to understand his motives and opportunities, without testing thus neither rage, nor offense.

Mother of one of schoolgirls wrote to me that wants that the daughter obeyed it.

I teach her daughter to obey myself.

Mother considers it disobedient, and I always find it obedient.

Five minutes ago it came to me to the room to argue on dogs and their training.

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Mother answers: I will

Mother answers: I will But, mother, also dishonestly!

I after all did not break it!

Sara complains, And you have an idea better?

mother asks.

Yes, force Mike to pay off.

It after all broke it!

Sar demands.

Mother answers: I will not do it because I do not want for anybody from you to intercede.

If you have other reasons in this respect, will let me know.

For now I hold from your pocket expenses on cents.

Here you, maybe, thought about yourself: But after all same it is dishonest!

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